Frequently Ask Questions

What is Andromax?

Andromax is a physician formulated nutritional supplement designed to support healthy testosterone levels as well as promote overall men’s health.

How do I take Andromax?

Take two capsules a day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

I have an enlarged prostate. Can I take Andromax?

Yes, you can take Andromax, but you should always notify your physician about the supplements you are taking.

I have other medical conditions. Can I take Andromax?

Generally speaking, yes, you can take Andromax. But always notify your physician or healthcare practitioner as to the supplements you are taking. He or she can best advise you on any particular recommendations.

What should I expect from taking Andromax?

Andromax users experience better energy, improved libido, and increased response to excercise, though results may vary. It is recommended to consume Andromax daily for best results.

What sets Andromax apart from other Testosterone boosters?

For one, Andromax was formulated by a physician specialist with over 10 years of clinical experience managing hormones and men’s health. So we know what works. Additionally, Andromax is affordable and has a science based proprietary formulation made with the highest quality ingredients.

Is Andromax FDA approved?

No, Andromax is not a drug. It is a nutritional supplement.

Can I avoid Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) if I use Andromax?

Many men will require TRT as they age or present other symptoms. Andromax can be used in healthy men which still have adequate testosterone levels as well as in men already on TRT. As a general rule, men with hypogonadism (low T) will not be able to achieve high enough levels on a supplement alone, although incorporating a supplement such as Andromax can help maximize their results.

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